The majority of our borrowers are families looking to buy homes, but occasionally, we come across a business that needs a loan or a line of credit. Lux Private Jet Charter is a national aircraft rental broker that serves all 50 US states, assisting passengers with booking jets in and out of the country. Lux started in Manhattan, one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. They had a 2 person team – a web guy and a registered broker with connections to numerous private jet companies. Initially funding themselves, they rented a co-working space in SoHo and began taking calls. After 2 months and more than 17 successful bookings, Lux Private Jet Charter reached out to us to request a $150,000 loan to build offices in 7 other states and establish a larger network. They provided unique identification (driver’s licenses), the past 2 months of payroll, and their credit histories. Normally, we would not approve a company without 2 year of payroll in the books. However, our analysts took a hard look into the jet rental market, the future of air travel, and demand for the space, before allowing an exception. We approved their business funding at a 3% interest rate with a 10-year payback period. The two pioneers went to work immediately, building out offices in Brooklyn, Charlotte, Seattle, Houston, Mahattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Just one year later, Lux has arranged more than 100 successful jet charters for everyone from leadership teams to honeymooners on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The point is that our business funding and lines of credit are meant to help you grow your business, secure a home, or do whatever it is you want to do. To charter a private jet, visit and book your flight for an unforgettable private jet rental experience.