One of the loan requests we got recently came from Amy Wilkins. We are publishing this information with her permission. Amy is a new homeowner in Sarasota, Florida. She recently purchased a 2 floor colonial house with white siding and an asphalt shingle roof. The backyard has a large open space, and the property is surrounded by a 4-foot (high) white vinyl fence. Amy called us two months ago to put in a new pool. She had gotten estimates from 5 Sarasota-based pool companies ranging in price from $20,000 to $65,000 for a 25 yard x 4 yard in-ground concrete pool. She made the decision entirely based on price without checking into the companies. We loaned her $20,000 to fund the pool installation. Just 2 weeks ago, the pool wall developed a huge crack. The company that installed the swimming pool did not create the structure correctly, so when the water was added, the pool structure couldn’t handle the weight and broke. Amy then contacted our team again to request funding for pool repair. Fixing the swimming pool cost another $2,000 because a new contractor had to come in, rip out some of the old concrete, pour new cement, and resurface everything. The lesson here is to do your research on the company before you hire them, regardless of what the request is. And in terms of loans, we can help with financing any home renovation or improvement project, such as installing a pool. It’s starting to get warm out, so now is the time to do it. For reference, the company the repaired the pool is below. They do fantastic work and we highly recommend their service.

pool repair on new swimming pool
Sarasota Pool Builders
4511 Brazilnut Avenue, #1
Sarasota, FL 34234
(941) 236-5709