Our team of experienced professionals offer mortgage loans and financing for homes and businesses. Three decades of experience in the industry has given us insight into the lending process and allows us to bring you the lowest possible funding rates. Based on your credit history and a few brief questions, we can typically qualify you for a loan or line of credit up to a certain amount.

Our mission is to make the mortgage process as easy as possible for you and your family. We understand how frustrating it can be to dig up all the paperwork and documentation needed to apply for a loan. We are here every step of the way with great communication, keeping you up to date on what’s happening so you never feel left in the dark.

LSJ Mortgage Loans was established in 1991 in Albany, NY. Our goal was to develop a seamless business process that the average person could follow to secure affordable financing without going through a long, painful process of credit checks, hundreds of emails, misinformation, and calls with mortgage reps. Our mortgage specialists are excited to speak with you and learn about your borrowing needs. Talk to our team today for a free estimate and we’ll walk you through our product offerings.